God is not at the center of Europe

Hundreds of millions of men and women in today’s Europe walk in darkness, distant from God. In many countries, only 1 percent claim to know Jesus! Despite its promonent religious history, Europe is now marked by secularisum. 

Many in Europe have never heard the true Gospel, the life-giving, hope-filled message and love of Jesus. The “rules based” religious history in Europe has caused many to turn thier backs on Christianity all together.

God is stirring in Europe. We feel a greater urgency than ever to specifcally reach the secular society. Through sharing our testimony and building real relationships with those in Euorpe, we know we can make an impact. We know God has specifcally equipped and called us for this. We want to bring true peace, hope, encouragement, and love that can only be experience through the love of Jesus Christ; and actively pursuing a deeper relationship with Him.

Standing with the marginalized

Lies, pillage, and abuse in the name of Christianity have deeply wounded the hearts of Europeans for hundreds of years. These scars run deep, and transcend generations. People have felt marginalized and ostracized by the Church.

Recently, Europe has seen a drastic rise in the number of immigrants and refugees fleeing pursecution and bondage. They are looking for acceptance, freedom, and love. This is an amazing opportunity for the Church to step in and set an example of how to love others, just as Jesus did. To let the power of the Gospel bring true life and hope to those in dire situations.

God cares for the broken, vulnerable, and hurting people. It is up to us to be the hands and feet of Jesus. By caring and being compassionate for those who can give nothing back, it opens a door to build a relationship and show that God cares for them.

Church revitalization

Once bustling centerpieces of communities, cathedrals now sit vacant, dark, and alone. They are now merely museums to those who call Europe home. 

The time to change that is now! God is raising up spirit-led, loving churches that are growing all across Europe. These churches are life-giving and faith-filled. People are getting to experience the love of Christ and seeing powerful changes in thier situations and lives! The church is the people. It is not a building or an organziation.

By inviting and partnering with nationals to build the church, we are ensuring a sustainable and culturally comfortable model that will continue to grow. Part of our mission will be to raise up and train future leaders of the church. We want to share our knowledge and skills with the locals, and in turn, we will get a greater knowledge of how to relate to the cutlure.

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