God is not at the center of Europe

Hundreds of millions of men and women in today’s Europe walk distant from God. In many countries, only 1 percent claim to know Jesus! Despite its prominent religious history, Europe is now marked by secularism.

Many in Europe have never heard the true Gospel, the life-giving, hope-filled message and love of Jesus. The “rules based” religious history in Europe has caused many to turn thier backs on Christianity all together.

God is stirring in Europe. We feel a greater urgency than ever to specifically reach the secular society. Those who would never think about darkening the door of a church, or even have a negative perspective of Christianity. 

Through sharing our testimony and building real relationships with those in Europe, we know we can make an impact. We know God has specifically equipped and called us for this. We want to bring true peace, hope, encouragement, and love that can only be experienced through the love of Jesus Christ; and actively pursuing a deeper relationship with Him.

Church has a negative context

Lies, pillage, and abuse in the name of Christianity have deeply wounded the hearts of Europeans for hundreds of years. These scars run deep, and transcend generations. People have felt marginalized and ostracized by the Church.

Historically, the Church in Europe drifted far from the original intent that Jesus had for His Church; which left people feeling neglected and harmed. As a result, today there is a great divide between people and the Church, and this divide continues to grow.

We continually hear perspectives and assumptions about the Church that have been shaped by history and personal experiences people have had with religion.

We must address these past wrongs straight on with love, compassion, and understanding; introducing a relational Jesus who has ushered in the hope of the Gospel. We must present the Gospel in a way that is relevant and applicable to European culture today. The Gospel truth has never changed, but the conversations we have and the way we communicate it must adapt so that it will be heard. 

Gospel truth + cultural relevancy

There are 748 million people who call Europe home. On average, statistics show that just under 10% of the population attends a church service once per month. This equates to an average of only 2 minutes per week of time spent in a church service. Of the 10,080 minutes in a week, an average of only 2 minutes are spent consuming Christian content in Church.

Compare that to the average person’s screen time, which currently is 7 hours per day. There is a huge opportunity for the Church to utilize social media and online tools to develop digital discipleship.

The truth of the matter is that the majority of Europeans have no desire to “go to church.” However, they are open to hearing about Jesus, the Gospel (which hasn’t been preached in Europe), and learning about the concept of Church as Jesus designed it.

We must connect with people where they are and expand outside the walls of the church building. God has equipped us and called us to connect with the secular people of Europe by utilizing modern digital tools to present the Gospel in a culturally relevant way.

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