the Oursbourn’s

We don’t fit the mold of the path we are currently on. However, we know that God can use anyone no matter their background, education, skills, talents, inadaquacies, or any other excuse that we could come up with. God’s grace, love, and mercy is greater than any barrier or setback that we can (and will) experienced. It’s not a one-way street though, it takes faith and pursuit of God’s will to enable His power in your life.

We didn’t go to Bible college or get theology degrees. We have worked secular jobs for the majority of our professional careers. By trade, we were an engineer and a commercial interior designer. How does that translate to ministry? How do those dots connect? That’s our story. It isn’t answered by logic, spreadsheets, data, or career planners. It’s not a straight line. It only happens by faith, God’s grace, and putting “who we are” above “what we are”.

If God can take an engineer and a commercial interior designer and turn them into foreign missionaries, He can use you. Our journey hasn’t always been easy, or fast. It has taken a lot of growth through various seasons to get to where we are now. We know there are valleys and difficulties ahead. However, we would not change a thing. This has been the greatest and most satisfying adventure we have ever experienced!

We want to share our story to encourage and inspire you to pursue that big, audacious, crazy dream God has placed in your heart. You can do it. God will do it. Have faith in Him and earnestly pursue what He has for your life. We are cheering for you. We are praying for you. We are on your team! And we want you to be a part of our team, a part of our story.

the Calling

God is calling us to Spain, and from out of Spain all of Europe. He has equipped us with skills and experiences in digital communications, marketing, creative design, technology, storytelling, and graphic arts and is calling us to use them in Europe to expand the reach of and elevate the Church. We will look to infuse these strategies and technologies to help the Church more effectively build relationships with people and communicate the Gospel in a clear way. We feel our secular background will help us relate to and build relationships with the secular society of Europe. Our hearts are to see people come into a relationship with Jesus and pursue His will for their lives, and find true joy, peace, hope, and fulfillment that this world cannot provide.

So, what are you bourn to be?

We’d love to hear your story! What is the big, crazy, audacious dream that God has placed in your heart? We want to encourage you to go for it! If there is anything we can do to help you, let us know.

Talk to you soon!

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