Chris Oursbourn

bourn to be: husband | father | pastor | leader


Who am I? How I answer that question has changed over the last few years, drastically. Five years ago I would have said that I am an engineer with a master’s degree in project management. I had reputable engineering jobs but always felt that there was something more. I found that those titles are not satisfying, not completing, and always left me searching for more. Soon I realized that it wasn’t about what God wanted me to be, but who. I made a commitment to wholly pursue God’s will for my life. That has led me to drastically changing my career, top priorities, and chasing God’s dream for our family across the world. However, I have also never felt more at peace or satisfied with what I am doing with this life.

I’m bourn to be something great for God, more that I have ever imagined, and to pursue His calling for me to be a foreign missionary. That’s who I am now, and who I will be forever.

I’m excited for this big audacious journey and expectant for everything God has planned for us. I want to share my story and testimony as an example of God’s love for us, and His desire to use us in amazing ways. I believe our life stories are meant to be shared. We are God’s masterpieces, His creative, His expression of Himself. We are all pieces of art that He continues to create, mold, orchestrate, define, and form into something beautiful! It’s not just for us to admire, but for others as well. So I feel my calling is two-fold. To pursue the missions calling God has laid on my heart, and to encourage, inspire, and guide other to pursue God’s crazy dream for their life.

I’m an open book. I would love to share more with you. It can be anything; more details about my story, advice related to the ministry experience/skills God has given me, my perspective on leadership, or something easy like the best NFL team (I’ll go ahead and answer that one, Kansas City Chiefs). I’d love to hear from you. Shoot me a message below and I’ll get back to you soon!

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