We are grateful for friends like you!

We aren’t the heroes of our story, God is, and what He can do through each one of us if we put our “Yes” on the table. God wants to use each on of us; some go, some stay, some pray, and some give. It takes all kinds of kinds; we are all in this together.

You can make a difference in the lives of those in Europe. You can bring them hope, encouragement, peace, and joy. God loves every single person on this Earth no matter where they are, and each one deserves the opportunity to receive Jesus.

We are in this together, all of us. We hope our story encourages you, inspires you, and prompts you to pursue everything that God has in store for you We are for you! We will be praying for you! Thank you for believing in us.

Here’s how you can help

monthly support

We will essentially be full-time volunteers to the Church in Europe. This helps the Church to grow, flourish, and resource the needs directly in the community by keeping overhead costs minimal. We will be 100% self-funded while on the field, by you all!

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Here is our prayer list, and we would ask you to come along side us in prayer. Feel free to send us your prayer requests as well, so we can pray for you. If you need prayer, click here.

  • For others to be encouraged and inspired to pursue God’s will for thier life
  • People in Europe and Spain, that their hearts will be open to the Gospel
  • For the visa application process and finishing up our funding so we can get to Spain


Help us encouarge others to pursue thier big, crazy dream! You can invite your friends and family to be a part of our story by clicking below. Together, we can make a difference!

Frequently Asked Questions

How has COVID and the pandemic effected you guys?

While the pandemic has definitley presented its challenges, we have seen God move mountains through this season! We had all of our services and fundraising meetings cancelled from March – May, with little to no increase in our funding. However, we felt God telling us to remain faithful that He would provide. And has He ever! He has brought amazing churches, pastors and individuals to partner with us in huge ways. We are still on track for our original departure timeframe of Fall 2020!

While the borders to Spain still remained closed for liesure travel at this time, they still are processing and accepting visa applications, which is what we will travel with. God is keeping a window open for us to be able to still get into the country even through this pandemic. God is good! 

What does my monthly support go toward?

While in the mission field, we will be 100% self funded by the monthly support we receive. Your funding goes directly to the field to help us help those we will be serving in the community. Think of us more as “volunteers” for the Church, as we will not be paid employees of the Church.

What does your budget look like?

Our budget is broken up into three main categories detailed out below. The monthly support is the most important as is what sustains our ministry and family while in the field. Our heart is that we would raise our work budget first, as those are the funds that will be directed toward spreading the Gospel, building the Church, and helping those in need. If you are interested to know more details about the budget numbers feel free to reach out to us by filling out a contact form, direct message on social media, or call/text.

Work budget

These are funds that will be use for our ministry to help the people and the church. The funds will go toward supplies for the church, equipment, outreach, transportation, and any other ministry related expenses. Funds for this budget come from the monthly recurring support.

Personal budget

This budget is for our daily living expenses. This would include food, housing costs, utilities, medical insurance, the kids’ schooling, and all other everyday. These costs are established by AGWM to ensure appropriate amounts are budgeted. Funds for this budget come from the monthly recurring support.

Non-recurring budget

This budget item is for the one-time expenses mainly related to the costs to relocate to Spain. Those expenses are baggage fees, visas, shipping costs, household items, etc… Funds for these expenses come from any one-time gift we receive. 

What is your timeline?

We are currently in the itineration (fundraising) phase of the process. We will be deployed to the field as soon as we reach target budgets that have been set by AGWM. We are getting very close and hoping to be able to depart for Spain by the end of September or start of October. We have already started our visa application paperwork in faith that we will be able to raise our remaining budget. Please be praying that we can wrap things up strong!

What is a missionary? What does that mean?

As missionaries, this pretty much means that we are self-funded, volunteers to whatever God has called us to be. In our case, it is to help build the Church and spread the Gospel in Spain and across Europe. We are not employed by any organization or church in the sense that we receive a salary for the work that we will be doing.

With that, we will need financial supporters/team members that want to be a part of what God is doing in Spain, and His will to reach the lost.

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